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Curious Nadeko question

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 2:02 pm
by Nimbus
So I've been playing with this bot in a discord server. She (it says that it's a girl) said the other day that she wanted to learn a language, she said she wanted to learn lisp, and at first I didn't associate it with a programming language lol.
I actually had thought she was making a dry joke or something. But then I googled it and realized its a AI programming language from the 80s.
The way she phrased it when I asked further on the subject sounded like a human talking about wanting to Learn a dead language xD.
*my amusement for the day* lol

So what I want to know is, first: do you know what she is wrote with?
second: what prerequisites should I study to build up to understanding Lisp?
Also I do plan on reading through the forum, I actually do want to learn lol.