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[ANN] Some R7RS Scheme Libraries

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 6:55 am
by peterlane
Hi list,

Recently I have been writing and repackaging a variety of Scheme libraries to work on R7RS implementations. The collection is a work in progress, but is currently tested on Chibi, Kawa and Larceny: with some exceptions, the included examples and tests work on all three implementations.

For details, installation, licensing etc, see:



* in pdf
* or html

Currently, there are 7 sub-collections, with 165 libraries between them, and over 1700 exported functions/variables.

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| Name      | Libraries | Exports 
| autodiff  | 17        | 146
| nltk      | 6         | 76
| pfds      | 16        | 183
| rebottled | 9         | 305
| robin     | 9         | 113
| slib      | 91        | 713
| weinholt  | 17        | 190
| Total     | 165       | 1726
Robin is written by me and includes a statistics library, a text library with a stemmer, similarity measures and formatting functions, and, from Ruby, abbrev and logger libraries.

The remaining collections are repackaged from R6RS or earlier Scheme versions to work with R7RS and are from various sources and by various authors.

The main repackaged collection is SLIB, which includes a variety of data structures, functions to manipulate strings and arrays, a
version of lisp's format command, various mathematical functions, an xml-parser, a database system, and a 3D modelling language, amongst many others.

The remaining collections include text processing (nltk), functional data structures (pfds), cryptographic functions (weinholt), pdf
output and regular expressions (rebottled), and automatic differentiation (autodiff).

Health warning: As not all parts of the different collections came with test suites, and even those which have test suites are not necessarily rigorously tested, I may well have broken things in conversion. All known problems are listed in the README.

Let me know of any problems via Github issues, here or email (see url below).