implement a full adder

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implement a full adder

Post by comput » Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:04 pm

Hi :) ,

I'm trying to implement a full adder. But it does not work. Sb an idea????

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(define a (make-wire))
(define b (make-wire))
(define cin (make-wire))
(define s (make-wire))
(define cout (make-wire))

; XOR is not implemented till now
(define xor
  (lambda (x y xor)
    (letrec ((a (make-wire))
             (b (make-wire)))

      (or-gate x y a)
      (inverter (and-gate x y b) b)

(: full-adder (wire wire wire wire wire -> unspecific))

(define full-adder
  (lambda (a b cin s cout)
    (letrec((d (make-wire))
             (e (make-wire))
             (f (make-wire))
             (g (make-wire))
           (h (make-wire)) 
           (i (make-wire)) )
        (or-gate   (and-gate b cin d) (and-gate a cin e) f)        
        (or-gate    f   (and-gate a b g)  cout ) 
     (xor (xor a b g) cin  s)
    ; or instead of XOR above, folloing code
     ;   (or-gate a b g) 
     ;   (inverter (and-gate a b h) h)
     ;  (and a b i)
      ; (or-gate i cin g) 
      ;  (inverter (and-gate i cin h) h)
      ; (and i cin s)))))

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Re: implement a full adder

Post by saulgoode » Fri Feb 03, 2012 10:34 pm

Your code appears to have been corrupted when you pasted it (for example, your 'xor' procedure seems to have been cut off mid-stream).

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