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run multiple function

Postby doot » Sat Dec 17, 2011 9:49 am

i have 4-5 function and i want to make a run function to run all 4-5 function

(defun run(l)
(multime (l))
(inversa (l))
(duplicate (l))
(inversa (l))

the above cod is rong how an i do?
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Re: run multiple function

Postby krzysz00 » Sat Dec 17, 2011 11:59 am

First off, please put your code between code tags (hit the "code" button and paste your code between the tags). Second, in Lisp, you don't use
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(function (arg1 arg2 ... argN))
to call functions, you use
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(function arg1 arg2 ... argN)
Also, you need a space between the name of the function and its argument list, because they are different arguments to defun. So, to make your code function correctly, write it like so:

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(defun run (l)
  (multime l)
  (inversa l)
  (duplicate l)
  (inversa l))

I'm also not sure what there functions do. A lot of the time, Common Lisp functions don't modify their arguments. For example

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(setf x 2)
(* 3 x)

Will return 6 and leave x set to 2. If the reformatted code I gave you still does not give you the correct results, please let me know (and tell me what the functions you are calling actually do) and I will help you further.
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