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Symbolic Differentiation on Emacs

Postby cdavis2012 » Mon Oct 17, 2011 12:36 pm

I have to write a program .. Symbolic Differentiation in common lisp on emacs. I am an EXTREME beginner, and am going by what I have been finding on the web or from classmates and what I can slowly put together myself. If anyone could help me, that would be great. I have to include the functions: constant, variable, negation, sum, difference, product, quotient, power, and function. I know some of my work may be right, but i appreciate any help. THANK YOU! :)

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(defun differentiate (F V)
  (cond ((constant-p F)(make-constant 0))
   ((variable-p F) (if (equal (make-variable-name F)(make-variable-name V)
             (make-constant 1)
             (make-constant 0)))
   ((negation-p F)(make-negation (differentiate(negation-arg F) V)))
   ((sum-p F)(make-sum(differentiate(sum-operand-1 F) V)
            (differentiate(sum-operand-2 F) V)))
   ((difference-p F)(make-difference(differentiate(difference-operand-1 F) V)
                (differentiate(difference-operand-2 F) V)))
        ((product-p F)(make-sum(make-product(product-operand-1 F)(differentiate(product-operand-2 F)V))
            (make-product(product-operand-2 F)(differentiate(product-operand-1 F) V))))
        ((power-p F)(make-product(make-product(power-exponent F)
                      (make-power(power-base F)
                        (1-(power-exponent F)))))
    (differentiate(power-base F) V)))))


(defconstant *constant-symbols*       '(A B C D E F G H M N))
(defconstant *variable-symbols*       '(U V W X Y Z))
(defconstant *negation-symbol*        '-)
(defconstant *sum-symbol*             '+)
(defconstant *difference-symbol       '-)
(defconstant *product-symbol          '*)
(defconstant *quotient-symbol         '/)
(defconstant *power-product*          '**)


(defun sum-operator (F) (second F))


(defun sum-operand-1 (F)(first F))
(defun sum-operand-2 (F (third F))
(defun difference-operand-1 (F)(first F))
(defun difference-operand-2 (F)(third F))
(defun product-operand-1 (F)(first F))
(defun product-operand-2 (F)(third F))
(defun power-base (F)(second F))
(defun power-exponent (F)(third F))


(defun constant-p (F)
  (or numberp F)
  (member F *constant-symbols*))

(defun variable-p (F)
  (member F *variable-symbols*))

(defun negation-p (F)
  (and (listp F)
       (eq (first F) *negation-symbol*) (nil (rest (rest F)))))

(defun sum-p (F)
  (and (listp F)
       (>= (length F) 3)
       (equal (sum-operator F) *sum-symbol*)))


(defun make-constant(num) num)

(defun make-variable-name (V) V)

(defun make-negation (F)
  (cond ((and (eq 0 F) F)

(defun make-sum (F G)
  (cond ((eq 0 F) G)
   ((eq 0 G) F)
   ((and(numberp F)(numberp G))(+ F G))
   (else (list F *sum-symbol* G))))

(defun make-difference (F G)
  (cond ((eq 0 F)(make-negation G))
        ((eq 0 G) F)
        ((equal F G) 0)
        ((and(numberp F)(numberp G)(- F G))
    (t(list F *difference symbol* G)))))

(defun make-product (F G)
  (cond ((or(eq 0 F)(eq 0 G)) 0)
   ((eq 1 F) G)
        ((eq 1 G) F)
   ((and(numberp F)(numberp G))(* F G))
   (else(list F *product-symbol* G))))

;; The below is for personal testing only.  Once the program runs and
;; is tested to programmer's satisfaction, it would be removed.  It is
;; included here as an illustration only.

(defun nice-diff (F V)
  (format t "FUNCTION: ~a~%VARIABLE: ~a~%  RESULT: ~A~%~%" F V (differentiate F V)))

(defun t1 () (nice-diff 'x 'x))
(defun t2 () (nice-diff '(x + x) 'x))
(defun t3 () (nice-diff '(x + (x + x)) 'x))
(defun t4 () (nice-diff '((x + x) + (x + x)) 'x))

(defun testall ()
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