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Publishing the program

Postby Owain » Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:48 am

Hello, I have read though a Common Lisp book called 'Practical Common Lisp', and it has taught me a lot about how to use Common Lisp, but I still am curious as to how you actually produce an executable for a lisp program for distribution. I am using the 'lispbox' (Lisp in a Box) IDE (a package of Emacs, SLIME and the Clozure implementation). Can anybody help me?
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Re: Publishing the program

Postby kmruiz » Fri Aug 31, 2012 1:39 am

As far as I know they are published in ASDF systems. Some LISP systems like SBCL lets you make an executable image of the current machine status. So, check if your REPL has some kind of compiler.
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Re: Publishing the program

Postby sylwester » Fri Aug 31, 2012 3:00 am

I would guess this is implementation dependent.
In SBCL I have created an executable, but in reality it is actually the SBCL-executable with whatever you added.
If you want a virgin CL with your code compiled and run and shut down at the end of execution (like some Scheme compilers do) you might want to look at ECL.
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Re: Publishing the program

Postby Goheeca » Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:03 am

Yes, it's not incorporated in the standard.
When I was engaged in this, I found this nice thing, albeit it's only a proof of concept as it's said on the site.
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