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exercise database

Postby rubing » Thu Dec 17, 2009 8:46 am

I am toying around creating a simple exercise database using emacs forms mode. My control file looks something like this:

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(setq forms-file "datafile")
(setq forms-number-of-fields 6)
(setq forms-format-list
      "----Exercise Database----\n\n"
      "exercise : " 1
      "lbs : " 2
      "reps : " 3
      "set : " 4
      "day : " 5
      "muscle group: " 6

I often enter records serially (e.g. first set of bench press, followed by second set, followed by third, etc...). It would be convienent if I had a way of entering a new record where there was some type of field memory, so that i didn't have to keep typing the name of the exercise or incrementing the set number manually. Also if I had a way of choosing which exercise would be good as well, since I am an awful speller. thx
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