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Moderated Postings

Postby janeTA » Sun Feb 09, 2014 5:16 pm

Hi, your moderated posting protocol needs work. First, it would be useful to reflect a copy of one's post, should it be declined. Second you need to ensure whomever is responsible for the arbitration decision is available to take responses
ie actually have an email address that is current and works - the existing email fails, with a "user unknown" message.
Third, you need to have well defined "moderation specs" on what makes a post acceptable or not to the community
available for viewing - perhaps in faqs? Fourth, perhaps consider a topic for feedback on the forum environment?
Fifth, consider having a spam-bucket, open for the community to browse (and perhaps vote and decide whether a
post is deemed acceptable to the community or not)? Well, you get the drift ... regards jTA
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Re: Moderated Postings

Postby nuntius » Sun Mar 02, 2014 8:54 pm

Hi janeTA,

As the most active moderator on this board, I apologize for the problems you have had.
(I also apologize to everyone else who was stuck in the moderation queue for the past week or two.)

I rejected your original post because it seemed to fit squarely in the "advertising for another site" category, and the mention of Lisp seemed to me as an add on.
I almost rejected your latest posts too as being off-topic, but your effort indicates you are not a spammer.

You might not believe the hundreds of accounts, posts, and profile links that have been created by spammers on this site.
Keeping the site readable requires a fair amount of work, and it is easier to block spammers than to clean up after them.

As to your particular points:
1) It would be nice if phpBB's decline-message interface were better, but that is in their hands.
2) Please send me the failing email address. We'll try to fix it.
3) I added some guidelines to the "First Posting Is Moderated for Spam Control" announcement that is visible in all forums.
4) That would be "The Lounge", where we are now.
5) Not a chance. A single posted spam link seems to encourage the hordes to follow.
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