New to Lisp and some questions

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Re: New to Lisp and some questions

Postby Balooga » Sun Jan 18, 2009 10:19 am

Balooga wrote:
Exolon wrote:
Balooga wrote:The sound from lispbuilder-sdl-mixer is flakey on Windows as well. The only stable platform for sound seems to be Linux. I'm going to blame the SDL_mixer library.

Heh, yes, I thought this might have a hand in the problem :) I can actually get an mp3 playing; something just dies when I try to shut the mixer subsystem down and subsequent starts don't work without killing and restarting the Lisp image.

I'm busy implementing a mixer for lispbuilder-sdl in Lisp that does not rely on SDL_mixer.

- Luke

I have added a glue library to the win32 version of lispbuilder-sdl that handles audio callback. Audio in win32 is now working and stable. If you could, please get the latest version of lispbuilder-sdl and run sdl-examples:mixer-test, and sdl-examples:squashed in OS X and let me know if it hangs or crashes. If your Lisp environment is not stable then I'll create the add a makefile to compile the glue library for the Unixes.

- Luke
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Re: New to Lisp and some questions

Postby Flatlander » Mon Feb 09, 2009 4:35 am

At least on Windows some older versions of sdl-mixer (not sure which, though) work slightly better. Although I have had some other problems with SBCL & sdl-mixer (can't load sound files for some reasons) that only seem to manifest on certain machines...
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