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Weblocks web framwork easy installer

Postby aaronfeng » Tue Sep 22, 2009 4:11 am

If you are interested in trying out Weblocks (http://weblocks.viridian-project.de/), it is now easier than ever. I created an installer script, targets sbcl, will generate a self contained weblocks project with all the dependencies "frozen" into the project. It does not alter or depend on an external environment.

The script can be found here:


The only requirement is that you have sbcl (thread enabled), curl, and tar installed on your system. The script should fail with useful messages if the requirements are not met.

The basic generation syntax:

# installs weblocks stable
./install-weblocks ~/path/to/your/project/foobar

# or

# installs weblocks development version (tip)
./install-weblocks ~/path/to/your/project/foobar tip

After a successful generation, the project can be executed by the command below:

cd ~/path/to/your/project/foobar && script/server

If the compilation is successful, one should see a banner showing the port weblocks is running on.

Swank is also enabled by default. If people do not like this, I can include an option to disable this.

Please give it a try. Any feedback is appreciated. I'm willing to take the time to improve the script if people find it useful.



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