Changing Text Entities

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Changing Text Entities

Postby giovanni64 » Mon Aug 22, 2011 1:53 pm


I hope that there is someone who can help me with a Lisp Routine, please.

I tried to find out why the program only changes the text hight when changing text.
It does not work at all if I only change the text hight. I'm completely lost and don't know
what to do.

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(defun *error* (meldung)(grtext)(princ))
(defun ac (v / v) (assoc v tasa))
(defun ers (x y z)(setq tasa (subst (cons x y) z tasa)))

(menucmd "S=BLOCK 3")(setq asa (ssget))
  (if (= asa nil)(print "No object selected ")
     (progn(setq wasa (sslength asa))(menucmd "S=S")
     ) ; end progn
  ) ; end if

(setq sp '(0 0 0))
  (if (/= asa nil) (progn
(setq clr (getint
"\nNew Color, Return if no change: "))
(setq stn (getstring
"\nNew Textstyle, Return if no change: "))
(setq brn (getreal
  "\nNew Width, Return if no change: "))
(setq thn (getreal
  "\nNew Texthight, Return if no change: "))
(setq swn (getreal
  "\nNew Obliquing angel, Return if no change: ")))
  ) ; end if
    (if (/= swn nil)(setq swn (/ (* pi swn) 180.0))
    ) ; end if
(setq z1 0)
  (while (< z1 wasa)

    (if (= "TEXT" (cdr (assoc 0 (setq tasa (entget (ssname asa

        (setq cla (ac 62)
          tha (ac 40) bra (ac 41)
          swa (ac 51) sta (ac 7)
          ysa (cddr tsa) sp (cons (car sp) ysa)
       ) ; end setq
          (if (/= swn nil)(ers 51 swn swa))
          (if (and brn (> brn 0.0)) (ers 41 brn bra))
         (if (and thn (> thn 0.0)) (ers 40 thn tha))
         (if (/= stn "")(ers 7 stn sta))
          (if (/= clr "")(ers 62 clr cla))
(entmod tasa)
      ) ; end progn
    ) ; end if
(setq z1 (1+ z1))
  ) ; end while


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Re: Changing Text Entities

Postby edgar-rft » Tue Aug 23, 2011 7:58 am

Is this AutoLisp [the scripting language of AutoCAD] or something similar? "menucmd" is definitely no Common Lisp function.

Also do yourself a favour and learn how to indent Lisp code correctly, otherwise nobody will be able to read your code.

See Indenting Common Lisp to get an idea how it works.

- edgar
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